Welcome/A’hneiv Zipv

14 04 2014

Thank you for taking the time to visit CrossPointe Mien Baptist Church website.  Here you will find information about our church family, our worship services, our ministries and upcoming events.  We hope as you learn more about us through our website that you will plan to visit with us in person and give us the opportunity to get to know you. If you have any additional questions about CrossPointe Mien Baptist Church, email us below.

Again, we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better. In the meantime, we (the Mien Church) invites you to listen to or watch Mien preaching, Mien sermons, and Mien worship songs from CrossPointe.

Sincerely in Christ,

Yauzsing and CrossPointe Mien Baptist Church

Yie mbuo gengh a’hneiv duqv zipv mienh muoz bieqc daaih, yaac laengz zingh meih mbuo zorqv ziangh hoc bieqc CrossPointe Mienh Baptist Jiu-bang nyei website.   Yiem naaiv se maaih zunh doz yiem mienh waac, zunh doz qorng, zoc nyei sou, Yesu mienh baaux nyei nzung, yaac maaih fangx linh, fangx naangh, caux Jiu-bang nyei mouz deic sou, caux Jiu-bang sienx fim nyei gorn ndoqv.   Yie mbuo hnamv jienv gorngv weic meih mbuo duqv bieqc naaiv norm website liuz, meih mbuo hoqc hiuv taux yie mbuo nyei Jiu-bang, ziouc bun yie mbuo maaih qiangx caux meih mbuo jiu-tong.  Maaih ziangh hoc  mbuo haih juangc jienv buoqc zangc Tin-Hungh.   Se gorngv maiv haih doqc Meiv Guoqv waac, oix doqc yiem mienh waac nor bieqc www.yauzsing.wordpress.com wuov norm website oc.  Laengz zingh! Maaih haaix nyungc naic nor tov fiev e-mail daaih  yiem ga’ndiev naaiv oc.


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